Mental Health Sucks, In My Opinion

My mental health has been all over the place to the point that I do not find comfort in the things I did to help me get passed my episodes. My anxiety has been doing whatever it wants without regard for my well-being. My depression decided to take a toll along with my bipolar and… Continue reading Mental Health Sucks, In My Opinion


My Recent Workshop

Hey, hey, my beautiful people. I just held a workshop on the 9th of this month, and as always, I forgot to let my readers know beforehand. You never know which of my readers can use the support or the information I have to share. Sorry for not including you, my readers, when I have… Continue reading My Recent Workshop

Releasing Some Of My Frustrations

Lately, I have been struggling with what to do regarding my family and our living situation. I moved to Virginia from Connecticut, hoping to find better than our struggle back home. These last four years have not been a walk in the park for anyone of us. I am not sure if it is even… Continue reading Releasing Some Of My Frustrations

Amazing Experience

Last night I held a workshop for parents. I introduced myself as a life coach for parents. I explained some of my backstory and how it led me to become a coach. What made this such an amazing workshop was the interaction with the attendees and the fact that I could see my words resonate… Continue reading Amazing Experience

I Never Understood The Big Deal

I’ve never really been a black Friday person. My mother forced meh used to drive me insane since it meant I had to drive anywhere she wanted to go and shop. I couldn’t decide when I wanted to go home, and I didn’t shop. Unless I randomly saw something I felt I could use for… Continue reading I Never Understood The Big Deal

Will You Show Me Some Support?

Hey, my beautiful readers. I hope everything is going well for you by the time you read this. I hope you are taking the time to acknowledge everything that is going well for you. As a human race, we tend to focus more on the negativity impacting our lives. We give that more power than… Continue reading Will You Show Me Some Support?

Venting About My Disability And The Stress It’s Causing

I swear on everything I love, I am trying my hardest to not feel disabled and discriminated against as I do. We must leave the motel we currently stay at for many different reasons. They do not want us here anymore since I keep speaking up on my YouTube channel when things are illegal, unfair,… Continue reading Venting About My Disability And The Stress It’s Causing

It has been a while

I find myself realizing that I haven’t written anything in a while. It’s not that I don’t like to write or anything. I just think that I am still struggling with letting go of the verbal and mental abuse I had growing up. No matter what I do, I am not good enough. Please do… Continue reading It has been a while

A catch-22…

You are probably wondering what she is going to talk about now. I have been thinking a lot, which has helped me realize that I am in a catch-22. I need to pause for a second to mention that starting at this line is when I returned back to the motel from going to the… Continue reading A catch-22…

My Mental Struggle As A Parent With Mental Illness

I have to say being a parent with mental illness is extremely hard for me. I am trying to keep myself sane while protecting the mental status of my three children, not considering that two of those children are high-functioning autistic with mental health. Throw those monkey wrenches in the mix, and things get harder… Continue reading My Mental Struggle As A Parent With Mental Illness

Venting My Annoying Emotions…

The thing that gets me the most about being a member of the mental health community is the inconsistency between ourselves and what we do. It annoys my soul, yet I’ve been working hard for years to not let it be a factor. Just for it to be such a significant factor now when I… Continue reading Venting My Annoying Emotions…

Needed To Write It Out…

Whenever I try to be consistent with my content, my motivation seems to have no light. This is discouraging, especially when I know I have much to say. Yet I struggle to say anything at all, no matter the platform. I think I am blocking myself from continuing to create meaningful content, and I must… Continue reading Needed To Write It Out…

The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain… My Thoughts!

As you guys know, my blog posts are typically about personal experiences, things I am dealing with and need to process, lessons others can learn, etc. This blog is one where I will discuss a movie I saw on HBO about a true story I had never heard of before. It caught my attention when… Continue reading The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain… My Thoughts!

My Annoying Habit

There is this annoying but not annoying habit that I noticed not too long ago that I do whenever I create content, especially when I am writing my blogs. I don’t always know what I want to write about or discuss in my content for my platforms. Sometimes my mental health does not let me… Continue reading My Annoying Habit

I Completed A Goal, And I am Proud Of Myself

I am incredibly proud of myself and the fact that I am now a certified Life Coach. I am still completing my Health and Life Coach certification with another institute. This one requires me to meet specific requirements with people that are not students of the program. We do complete practices with each other that… Continue reading I Completed A Goal, And I am Proud Of Myself

I Am Not Sure If It’s Depression…

I really am struggling more than I thought I was. every day I tell myself that I need to get working on my content but I have no drive to do so. This is not a good thing not for me when I am using my platforms to hold myself accountable to be in the… Continue reading I Am Not Sure If It’s Depression…

Discovered Something New Today…

I’ve been in tremendous pain. While focused on the pain itself, I failed to realize what was going on with my mental health. I am slowly falling into a depression. I think staying in bed though good for my legs due to the injury from falling a few weeks back, which I am really paying… Continue reading Discovered Something New Today…

Parenting and Triggers… How do you keep your mental illness from parenting in an escalated scenario?

Parenting alone, I heard, can be very hard. I wouldn’t know since I am a parent with mental illness, and I can tell you that it is not an easy task. Half the time, I have to check myself while parenting. You’re probably not wondering what I mean by that if you’re following my blog,… Continue reading Parenting and Triggers… How do you keep your mental illness from parenting in an escalated scenario?

What To Do When You Want To Give Up…

I must admit not only to you but to myself that this is something I struggle with daily since I am not sure of the answer to this day. I hope you weren’t expecting me to provide you with a solution. Why must we, the bloggers, always have the information for those reading? Why can’t… Continue reading What To Do When You Want To Give Up…

Trying To Get Back On Track

Hey, hey, my beautiful people. It’s been a while since I wrote a blog. Life has been changing a lot, and I’m just trying to roll with the changes. It has been hard to get on a schedule or routine, especially with no workstation. We’ve moved twice since we left the horrible motel. I thought… Continue reading Trying To Get Back On Track