Simple fun

Prior to my new medication, I would be easily irritated and lash out along with other things if you ask my 17-year-old.

After talking to her today I realized that I made her life difficult as well by waiting so long to gean official diagnose. With the diagnosis came medicine. With medicine came a happier fun loving mommy. But anyways I asked her did she like mom on her new medicine (been on a few but they didn’t work) she was like most definitely. When I asked her why? She states “your more fun, you snapless, your mood is more stable, you don’t stress as you use too all in all I simply get to have fun with you.” I had to stop and really think about it without getting offended.

I took the opportunity the baby was down for a nap and the two older minions we’re at the pool to stop and reflect on my daughter’s words. I started to think back when it was just me and her before her brother came. Granted life was all over the place and so was I mentally but I never thought it affected her to the point that she can see a difference. I started to feel like a bad mom for not taking care of myself mentally like I was taking care of her mentally.

With that being said the baby and I headed to the pool for some simple fun. Yes we have no where to live, yes I can’t work because of my condition, yes I am currently broke and we don’t know how we’re going to pay for more days after our check out time on Friday, yes I should be stressed over all of these things, but after that conversation how could I? See what I heard was she misses having simple fun with me and that’s something that is free so I was ready to provide all three of my babies some simple fun in mist of our hard time.

Needless to say, we had a blast in the pool as one happy family for now and that’s what really counts especially on my good mental days ☺️.

Sidebar those are my three minions in the picture lol.


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