My Mood Does Not Match the Sunshine Outside!

Oh, how I wish my mood would match the beautiful sunshine outside!

Wishful thinking especially when I wake up in a horrible mood. Why I do not know especially since all I did was wake up. It’s hard to grasp and understand sometimes why my mental illness has to show it’s little head. I just want my mood to match the sunny day outside but unfortunately, this is not possible.

This is something I struggle with a lot. It makes it so hard for me to enjoy my day or my time with the minions when my mood is not shining bright. I try to think positive so that I can change my mood but my mind will not cooperate. These are the days I wish I could rewind and start my day all over again. If only we had the power to accomplish this wish.

I have been on my new medicine for 3 weeks now. Today is the first day that I wake up in a dark place. I hope this is just a hiccup in the road and not my Foreseeable future. I do not want to go back to that person who’s moods and depression were so unpredictable. I want to keep having my mood match that beautiful sunshine outside.

There isn’t much of a point to this post. I’m in need of venting to see if it helps me cheer up. Thank you for listening if. I just have to keep reminding myself that I got this!


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