About me

I would like to say upfront bare with me since this is my first time blogging and I had the bright idea to create my own blog. Like being a single parent of three who deals with mental issues isn’t complicated enough lol. It’s ok because I got this!!

My name is Linette and at the current moment I am 39 years old and a single mom to 3 children. My oldest we call Beba she just turned 17 years old and she has her own mental illness she deals with on a day to day bases. My middle child we call Bebo he is 10 years old he also has his own mental issues as well. Then there is the baby whom we call Bebe and she is 15 months old.

This blog is being created for my peace of mind we can say and if it helps others then that’s an added bonus! I deal with PTSD, anxiety, severe depression, ADHD, Bipolar,suicidal tendencies and OCD at the moment this my truth. A hard truth to deal with within itself but even harder when raising children. But it becomes even more complicated when your children deal with almost the same as you.

I get asked by those that know us personally how do I do it? My response has always been if I stop to actually think about that answer I may fail, so in other words I just do it without dwelling on the how.

If you choose to follow my blog I hope you take something from it and in the process I hope to take something from you as well.

Welcome to my world!


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