Moments like this make it all better..

As a mom, I love it when my children are relaxing with me. When we actually spend time watching a movie or a show together with no one arguing, fighting, in a dark place, etc.

Moments like these make me feel like the best mom in the world. It makes all of our struggles worth it. The love that I feel at this moment overpowers any negative emotions or thoughts. Yes, this is the perfect moment that defines me as a mother.

We currently have no permanent roof over our heads, we are motel hopping until we run out of money. But in the mist of it all when my minions want quality time with me it reminds me of why I am still in this fight. Why I am destined to win. This is the lowest time in their short lives but as long as I can make it for them we won’t be here long.

I have to keep on pushing for more moments like these I have to make sure that no matter what we continue to have these moments together. I just hope they mean the same to my minions. I hope these moments help them to keep that fight for better days. That they feel all of the love I have for them so it can hold them through the storm we are in. One day these moments will be in our own space again back on our feet. But until then these moments give me the energy needed to survive the storm.

I just need to remind myself at all times no matter what we got this!

Sidebar I needed to sneak these pictures to not ruin the moment. If they would have known it would have been mom lol.


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