Proud of my Beba!

Today my baby took a step forward and finally decided to create her blog something we have discussed in length for almost two years. I am very proud of her for taking this big step.

She is just like me, not a people person we rather be alone than with people. I blame me for this seeing the fact that it’s always been just me and her until her brother came when she was six. Then it was us three until the baby can last year and now it’s just us four. I’m not one to really being anyone around my kids or better yet around me. Those that we know are either family members or people I’ve worked with that have become like our family. This is pretty much the only reason we are ok with socializing with them.

But back to the topic at hand. I’m proud of this step that to normal teenagers isn’t a big deal but for mine it is. When she sees this post she will yell ”mom” but I don’t care it’s worth it.

Love you baby girl beyond the moon and stars. Remember we got this no matter what!


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