Cloudy Brain

I’m enjoying my new medicine the only problem is that I am so used to having a racing brain 24/7. I am struggling to remember things or continue with my train of thought. I feel like my ADHD isn’t the best on this medicine.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that my brain feels cloudy or foggy all the time especially when I wake up. I’m not used to this at all. I need to change my way of survival with this new medicine. I’m so used to having my brain on 1000.

How am I going to change my old habits of survival since I no longer need them? It’s been 39 years to just start all over again ugh so much work. Just wish the clouds and fog would disappear maybe then it would be easier for me.

I find myself drifting to my old coping mechanisms. I catch myself some times and other times I don’t realize it until afterward. Oh, my what do I do now with my new way of thinking?

It’s great to fix one problem but it sucks to have to start all over again from scratch especially after so many years. But like my tag says we got this!


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