Before all of this madness that is going on in the world right now. My children and I pretty much already self-isolated. I mean it’s not that hard to do in reality.

We are in a state where we barely know anyone to begin with. We have no car which where we live there is nothing close to us and public transportation down this way sucks. So with no way to socialize, we pretty much have no choice.

The downside is that even though we are used to self-isolation due to the fact schools are closed and now all 3 of my kids are home all day. This makes my stress level very high and it triggers my conditions drastically on and off making me even more annoyed.

On a normal day my son goes to school physically which just leaves my oldest who is homeschooled and the baby. They barely make noise or do crazy things that when I get off or go for lunch my house looks like a tornado has hit. This is a huge no no when it comes to me and my home. I can’t stand things out of place or a big mess especially when I see them lounging having a good old time relaxing. Something I need to do after a 9 hour shift of being on the phone providing support to our employees. But no instead I come out ready to rip heads off since the house is a mess. I don’t like this type of isolation.

Dealing with all of this makes me want to get out of the house and go socialize with people lol. For anyone that knows me they know, I am friendly and loving, etc but only with those, I care about. So for me to want to socialize it’s a big deal. Heck even my oldest wants out the house with me and the baby lol. She definitely is worse than me when it comes to people. This is a clear sign that we so don’t like this isolation.

There really was no point to this post just venting since it’s all getting to me I guess. I hope everyone else that is isolating is having a way better time than we are. Stay safe and don’t forget we got this!!


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