Negativity and Mental Illness

I have realized that if I do not want my illness to affect me more than it already has then I need to get rid of all of this negativity in my mind and my life. It is important to be positive no matter what is coming your way. Life is to short and we, of course, do not want to lose the battle with our mental illness no matter what that may be. Take the power back do not allow it to overpower you and your positivity. Allow the positive within you to always shine.

When we allow the negativity to take the wheel then we are allowing ourselves to fall deeper with our mental illness this, unfortunately, thrives in anything negative. So let’s not feed this negativity if you are going to feed it then you might as well just say here you go you can have all of the control needed to drive me crazier lol. I know it sounds a little crazy but think about it and be honest with yourself while thinking about it. Does it make sense now to why I would state it in that matter? I hope it does because I know my brain can see things in a strange way that others can’t.

I am learning that life and this universe will give you what you throw out there and it is about time that what I throw into this universe is all of the positive and amazing things that my family and I deserve in life. Not all of these lemons and limes that we have been getting these last few years. So with that being said, I am now working on changing my mindset to becoming so much more positive cleansing myself, and getting rid of all the negativity in my life including people. If it or they are not for me then it or they must go.

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