Among This Madness

I am struggling with all of this madness going on in this world right now. I struggle on a day to day bases but right now I am struggling even more. Then I would on a regular base. Don’t get me wrong we have no form of transportation so my family and I already lived in isolation pretty much but this is way too much for us. I feel like if things don’t go to normal soon I may lose my mind.

The hardest part is being that rock for my kids. How can I keep them sane through all of this madness if I don’t have it all myself? How do you not allow it to rock your boat? I am still trying to figure it all out with trial and error but I feel like there have been more errors than anything. This is not easy for those who suffer from mental illness like my kids and I do.

Something has to give soon or at least get better so that we can all have some type of normalcy during this trying time. I just hope that it gets better and not harder from here. COVID has impacted my family in a negative way and I now have to find a way to turn it into a positive situation for us moving forward. No pressure at all!


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