I Took A Huge Leap Of Faith!

I decided to take a huge leap of faith and go with my heart and spirit. I created a YouTube channel for my page. I know your probably thinking huh or, hmm but hear me out first. I think once I explain you may understand why. At least I am hoping that is the case. A girl can hope and dream haha. Alright, I’ll stop stalling my explanation and start explaining.

I know I barely write and when I do I tend to ramble a lot. It’s hard for me to stay on topic 😆. So unless I know that I can sit with enough focus to not ramble I won’t post. Which does not seem to help my cause now that I think about it 🤔. (Okay now Nette focus make your case!). Alright back to making my case. I realized that yes being a parent is hard within itself then if you add being a parent with mental illness this makes the job at hand much harder. But let’s not skip ahead lets sloe down a little.

Being a parent is hard to find we agree with that. Then we know that being a single parent is more difficult than just being a parent. Does anyone want to disagree? We can pause so you can take a moment to express your disagreement. I don’t mind and I don’t think anyone else will. Will anyone else mind? (cricket, cricket clears throat). Time to move on the hope we all feel better now. So yes being a single parent is harder than being a parent. Now let’s consider being a patent with special needs children this is hard as well. Now let’s dig a little deeper it’s then even harder to be a parent with mental illness but way harder I be a parent with mental illness and kids with mental illness as well.

Yes there are endless categories that may be more difficult than my situation but I can only speak on what I know and that is this. Boy do I know that it is a huge challenge and I know that no one seems to understand my challenge so it’s hard finding the support I need to stay on the right path. Half the time I fake the funk with the few that are in my circle. Its easier to fake the funk then it would be to explain but even harder to get the to understand. 🤷🏽‍♀️ just being honest. Can’t blame me for feeling that way but it is draining trying to get others to understand. You think I’m still not making my point?

Honestly speaking I am making my point. Stop and think about what I just said. Do you see it? If you don’t it’s okay. I will explain so that you can see it. I rather fake the funk then to explain for others to understand. But if I had others that deal with similar things then I wouldn’t have to explain. I can just ven but most importantly I’m being understood while I am venting. This is a very key component since not only do you not have to explain, justify, explain again or ignore the frustration of not being understood but you can feel way more relaxed. This then helps you feel confident in the advise you receive from your friend’s. Now do you see?

My channel will allow others that can relate find comfort and support with each other. I plan to create a community for us so we can have a place to go for support a virtual extended family. From that group we will have one for the kids of age who already have a Facebook page to join for support from other kids that have parents with mental illness. I also want to have one for kids who have parents and siblings with mental illness. They need support as well.

I think I made my case. I hope you will take the time to check my youtube channel out. If it’s for you please like and subscribe. If it’s not for you no worries I respect it but if you know of others that can benefit the please share. You never know who it may help ☺️.



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