What is the point of Anxiety?

I wish I had an answer to this question. It’s not like life isn’t hard enough as it is. I mean sometimes life suffocates us as is why add anxiety to the mix? It’s like pulling the floor from underneath my feel while suffocating me. Go figure like I don’t already have enough issues in my life.

I also have to find a way to not allow my anxiety to turn into attacks. Especially since I am asthmatic. This can trigger a serious attack that can become deadly. No pressure or anything it’s just anxiety. I mean I should be fine since it’s just anxiety!

The real issue is to those that don’t deal with anxiety this isn’t a big deal. They don’t know what it feels like to feel like you have an elephant sitting on your chest not allowing you to breathe. Every time you breathe it’s so painful and fearful. But none of that matters since it’s just anxiety no big deal or anything.

It’s okay if you can’t breathe. It’s okay if the room starts to spin. It’s okay if your seeing spots or start to sweat cold. Don’t worry it’s just anxiety nothing to worry yourself about. This honestly drives me freaken insane. How is anxiety not a big deal? How my ability to breathe being compromised or affected not a big deal?

I’ve been at my computer working when an attack starts to creep up. My ability to function becomes almost impossible. Yet I find myself having to do everything I can to see through the blurry vision or the dizziness. Push through since I have to work passing out or even freaking out is not an option at all.

So guess anxiety is nothing to worry about just like everybody says 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️.


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