August 7, 2019 8:36 a.m.

Good morning and thank you for taking the time to read my post.

At the moment I am sitting in room 224 of the Days Inn Motel in Hampton, VA with Bebe on my lap. I am typing with one hand while holding her with the other. She’s into the cartoon her big brother is watching. So needless to say this post will take me longer to write then it should if I had the use of both my hands. But that’s the life of a parent in general.

You maybe wondering why I mentioned my current location then again you may not. But I will explain we are currently homeless and this has been one of our hardest years despise the mental issues we all deal with, being homeless has topped all of this. As a parent you never want your children to go without or to go to bed hungry etc. My minions as I call them have to deal with this and much more this year. But we are making it and honestly, that’s all that matters at the mto oment.

No, it’s not an easy road especially when the three of us are dealing with different mental issues. We have our good days and bad days like everyone else the difference is how extreme they can be. Another issue which is frequent can be how one of us can be having a bad day and we have to make sure not to make it worse for that pwraon. It’s difficult because you feel like your walking on eggshells to not push that person to the edge. As the mom I have to watch all of our mentals at all times making it hard for me to meet my own needs especially when the kids need me to help them with theirs.

I am not the best mom and granted I beat myself up more than I should but I try my hardest to always be the best I can at that moment.

I wish I can go in-depth more now but Bebo has given me the worst attitude that has caused me to throw my phone across the room, and I need time to sit and talk to him. Then I need to make sure I’m mentally ready for all three of my minions.

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