Honestly, I have no title for this because I am not sure what I am going to write about. I just know that my mind told me to pick up my phone and create a blog so here I am. I will be writing whatever comes to mind. With that being said respectfully I do not apologize if this post is all over the place. Those like me will understand my blog and my apologies to the Normee’s but that’s all that matters to me.

There are so many things that I can cover in this post but I’m waiting for the right one to bite my fingers. I do know this much though I’m currently sitting in our van (thank God for the opportunity to get this van via the methods that helped us get this van), waiting for the clothes to wash which once again somehow our soapnsuds card had the money for us to wash and the neighbor’s family as well. I’m the type that if I see you struggling and you are trying but life seems to think that it’s cute to mess with you, then I will share what I can as long as my children are good.

I’ve always known that my big heart for others in need like me and especially for children is my blessing but my biggest curse. I can’t see my children suffer, how can I watch another child suffer? The mother in me won’t allow me to let this fly near me. I’m going to do the best that I can to assist. Just how I wish that someone had taken the time to help me and my family during this time of need.

We don’t have much. I mean we don’t own a pot or a window to throw it out of how we say in Spanish. But I will stop and help another especially because there is always someone worse off than my family.

Just the other day the neighbors and our family saw a homeless family sleeping outside of a Family Dollar sidewalk. It’s about midnight when they saw us they hid. Something told us we needed to help them. Mind you we had no money but we did have food stamps. I believe it was like $200 left with 2 weeks still left in the month. They had food stamps as well so we stopped and got sandwiches and stuff at 7 eleven that they could share.

On the way back we start to get worried that they might not be there and what happens? They were nowhere to be found. We drove around for an hour looking for them. Mind you I just said that I had no money so that’s gas with no way to place it back but that means nothing. I mean if I can help another in need and alleviate their as best as I can then why not. I will do my best to alleviate it. It may not be much but it does mean a lot more than what it is physically. We ended up not finding them which made us extremely sad.

My Goddaughter was getting cranky so I stopped the van and say “God if we can not find this family to bless, then it was not meant for them to receive this blessing. Please help us find someone in need before we make it home so that we can go to sleep in peace”. We drive off to the extended stays direction since we all are currently homeless ourselves. This does not stop us from helping others. Let that sit right there the next time you walk past someone in help, especially if you have a place to sleep and food in your belly!

Anyways back to the story, we are driving and I decide to take a shortcut because I want to try and see if I have enough for small fry. When I’m driving I run up literally with the van like I’m going to rob him. I just want to make it clear that it was not on purpose. I was just so excited to see him.

It’s an older man pushing a cart. He becomes very afraid and backs up. He explains that there is a van like ours going around jumping and harassing them. I apologize and we provided him with the food we bought, the $3 the 7 eleven attendant had given for the family, and the extra blanket we had in the van.

It felt great knowing that we could now go home since the mission was accomplished. It wasn’t much and it was one person but the smile and the thank you were all that we needed. Granted we don’t have much but that shouldn’t stop us from helping others if we can.

Side Note: Please stop by and check out our YouTube channel “Parenting with mental illness – mom and children. Make sure to support by liking, subscribing, turning post notifications on, and commenting. Don’t forget to share you never know who it might help or heck who might be able to help us. If you would like to help us become financially stable then head on down to our store we are still slowly building it up. Each purchase does go towards paying our weekly motel bill. Wishing you much love, respect and blessings coming your way!


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