What To Do When You Want To Give Up…

I must admit not only to you but to myself that this is something I struggle with daily since I am not sure of the answer to this day. I hope you weren’t expecting me to provide you with a solution. Why must we, the bloggers, always have the information for those reading? Why can’t we ask for information ourselves through our blogs?

I know I know what sense would it make for anything in the world to be challenged or switched from what we are already accustomed to. I mean, really think about it, there is only one of me, and I am speaking from first-hand experience, not from a textbook or from what another person has taught me, no sir or mam. This is a raw first-hand trial and error experience that I bring to the table.

Hence why I decided to name this article the way I did for the simple fact that I have had more of these days than I care to acknowledge if I am being fully transparent. I am my worst critic and my worst enemy, all at the same exact time. I am so afraid of harming or damaging my children that I already beat myself up for failure before I even try. Hence, I am always trying to find things to keep pushing me forward when I want to give up. Giving up is never an option, especially when society roots against us. We need to stand up for ourselves and each other in any way.

While I sit here smoking some herb listening to another fellow mental health parent vent about her life and her children, I am motivating her in any way I can while internally still trying to find ways to not give up. I love helping others because it makes me accountable for my own actions and thoughts. This, at times, has enabled me to stop being so hard on myself. It has helped me remember that I am human like everyone else I help.

How can I be so caring, compassionate, understanding, supportive, etc. but be the utter complete opposite when it comes to my own situation. Being this way with myself makes it so easy to want to give up before actually trying hard or before trying at all since the anxiety and everything else kicks in. It’s like, “Hey, just give up. Why even bother when you know you’re going to fall apart, or your conditions will get triggered, making you a live firecracker.”

I mean, like really with thoughts like that who wouldn’t be tired before they even start like really give yourself (myself in this case) a break because the effort is being made is all that matters at this point. It’s way more than those not in our mental health space even do themselves. These are the things that I try to keep in mind when I want to give up or struggle with the thought of giving up.

While I am helping others, I sit there and think about their situation and mine. I find many reasons I can’t complain about mine or give up when it comes to mine. I believe that someone always has it worse than you, even if you are at your lowest. There is someone out there that still has it worse than you. This helps me find as many positives within myself and my situation as not giving up.

Now, this isn’t really an answer. It’s just what works for me sometimes when it really gets tough on me mentally to push on. So even though I said in the beginning that I did not have an answer which honestly speaking, I do not have one, I did have a suggestion that may help ease your mind a little. At least I am hoping that it can help to alieve your ailment in any way possible.

I would love to pick the reader’s brain and see what you actually do when you want to give up with all that I have going on from the homelessness, slowly ending in a wheelchair, neurological concerns, etc. This will help me believe it or not, and it would help me feel not alone at the moment.

Responses can be emailed to linetteh@lifeasasingleparentwithmentalillness.blog. I am looking to positively make many changes this year as long as the universe continues to work with me. Please feel free to stop by our shop to check out what we have shopnormees.store and don’t forget to check out the family on our YouTube channel Parenting With Mental Illness – Mom And Children.

Much love and blessing to you all. May this 2022 year be an amazing one, even if it’s just better than 2020 and 2021; I will take it because it means we are finally getting out of the grasps that’s holding us down from those two years. Remember, boo, we got this!!


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