Why Do We Need Titles?

Whenever I sit down to write what is on my mind or heart, I can’t get past the title. I am always stuck on what to call my feelings, emotions, thoughts, or inner demons. Who can seriously find this part that simple as a mental health identifier?
If you find this step simple for you, hunty, please share some of your pointers with me? I would appreciate the suggestions. Maybe it would make the process a little less painful for me so that I can get past that hurdle that seems to drive me insane all the time.
If you find this step as complicated as I do, then hunty, my name is Linette, and I am glad to meet you! If you want to share why you have problems, maybe I can give you a helping hand. I am pretty good at helping others, way better than with myself.
I am also good at taking advice and finding ways to make it work in my favor or combine different methods for a positive result. The fact that I do not find titles important is a hump that I have difficulty getting over. I have tried in different ways to pretend like the title isn’t as crucial as it is to start writing my blog post.
We can all see how well that has worked out for me since many of my blog posts were so far apart until recently. My recent post-change comes from making a consistent change where I continue to push myself until I complete the blog to post.
If I am consistent and things work in my favor, I will have three blogs more a week.
I mean, if I can get past the fact that I need a title before moving forward. If I continue to write the post first, it will not make writing the article’s title easier. I have started a few blogs and still have no title for them.
Titles are so overrated to me lol that’s just my opinion. On another note, please don’t forget to stop by our shop, shopnormees.store. Don’t forget to count today; forget about tomorrow since today is not promised. Stay blessed, and remember we got this!


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