Oh that, moment you realize your better than okay..


I have my moods all over the place since there really is no money for Mary Jane I am not stable and yes I am taking my meds. I almost forgot that I got this and I will make it until the universe reminded me of it and I wanted to hop on so I decided to make it a live show. I wanted to see how it worked and to get over my severe nervousness that decided to take over. The nervousness did not go away but I hope that you enjoy the show. I want to try and go live once a week if my listeners are interested in a topic I am definitely interested in discussing it with you. Shoot me an email, call in whichever method is easier to contact the show or me. The email is lifeasaparentwithmentalillness@gmail.com or lifeasasingleparentwithmentalillness.blog. 

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