Woke Up With A Rat…

Today has been a crazy strange stressful day, and I blame it on the damn rat that had the balls to wake me up this morning by sitting on the side of my face. These rats at this location have some balls for real. I was so freaked out and couldn’t fall back asleep.

As a parent, I was now concerned with the rat ending up on the bed where my three-year-old sleeps. How can I be okay in an environment like this, especially since I moved my children to this location and to this state period that has not been kind to us from a few months after we arrived?

I came here seeking a safe place for my family, and all we have gotten has been nothing but the run around no matter where we go. It has been a struggle that makes me feel like we are just not meant to be in this state. Especially if we have no good memories or nothing positive has happened to us since we arrived back in August 2018.

It sucks that we are stuck here with no option to relocate anywhere else. I have no means of transportation and a minimal amount of income. Unless we miraculously start to sell a good amount of presson nails to bring in money or I start booking coaching clients now, we are here until we find another way out.

I can’t guarantee that my mental state will withstand our environment or situation much longer. I feel like its already taking way too much as it is, and it is holding on as best as possible. I woke up with a rat on my face. What if I didn’t wake up? Would it have bitten my face or, better yet, my ear where it really was?

Your environment and home do make a significant impact on your mental health. This is why you should make sure everything is in order and running how you need it to run to be a productive person, parent, member of society, etc.

I know my environment is not suitable for us and most definitely not for me, but I have to push through no matter since I have my three blessings counting on me to get us on our feet. On to bigger and better things. We are destined to live an extraordinary life. We are way better than the life we now live!

Be blessed, and make today count for tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Make today your best day, my Normee’s and Non-Normee’s. Don’t forget to support any of our platforms by subscribing, liking, and commenting. Thank you in advance.

It has been a while since I recorded an episode, but my anxiety has had me in a world win. I have a parenting tip workshop on Feb 9th at 8:30 PM EST. You can sign up on my website at http://www.coachingwithlinetteh.com. I hope to see you there, and if you can't show up, it's okay. I can send you the recording as long as you register for the event. I am excited and can't wait. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/parentingmentalillness/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/parentingmentalillness/support
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