If Anyone Should Have A Ph.D. In Your Diagnoses, It Should Be You!

I don’t think you’re wondering why I decided to name this blog post that long title. But just humor me for once, and let’s say you wonder why I chose to call it so. Well, think about it honestly. Before you continue to read about the title, reread it if you have to. Read it out loud and let it marinate for a moment.

Now that you had some time to think about it let’s see what explanation you came up with. I want you to shoot me your train of thought in an email send it to linetteh@lifeasasingleparentwithmentalillness.blog. I would love to see what you came up with. But anyway, enough of messing around with yall; I am on a time crunch here. According to my content schedule, this article is already three weeks past due.

Jumping right into the deep end when it comes to your body and the things going on within your mind/body are known or can be known well by you and only you. I hope I haven’t lost you yet; it’s just the beginning, lol. I am saying that when we take the time to pay attention to our bodies, we can tell when something is off or wrong. We usually tend to notice when the symptoms have worsened, not at the beginning.

Now imagine if we took the time to study or get to know our bodies better than we know them now. I am not talking about diets or anything else outside of just listening and knowing what your body is trying to tell you. We would probably understand so much more about our bodies than we realize, but let’s stick to my main focus: our mind.

If we listened to our minds when trying to communicate with us, we could avoid so many issues moving forward. Not just that, we could actually help our doctors when it comes to our health care in the mental health field this makes a big difference, for not all doctors actually listen or know how to listen. Sometimes it may even be our fault we either hate answering questions (guilty), we aren’t as open with our doctor, arent comfortable yet with the mental health diagnosis/stigma/label, etc. Whatever the reason may be doesn’t really matter. What matters is what we choose to do now that we know we can actually start helping our situation by getting that Ph.D. in our condition to be mentally prepared and ready to handle whatever comes our way.

If you take at least twenty to thirty minutes a day to learn more about yourself mentally and physically if you want, it works for both. This would help you manage this better to have better doctor care. If they see that you care and know what you are talking about (Ph.D. in your diagnoses), they will take you and your care a lot more seriously than they did when they first started working with you.

Stop letting the diagnosis or diagnoses if more than one dictate who you are and how you live. It’s time for you to define what that diagnosis looks like in your skin. If you have to wear it, you might as well wear it well and look damn well good while doing it.

It can look different ways to get that Ph.D. in your diagnosis. You can research what you have, not just the textbooks either. I mean, talk to other patients that have it or had it in the past and no longer have symptoms. Join a group or try to get some friends who actually have all of your diagnoses or at least two diagnoses if not possible one is the bare minimum as you.

Really put in the work to see what it means to have your diagnosis. What are the warning signs? This is a good one to know, especially when talking to those who have lived with it for years. They may shed a light that a textbook can’t cover. Something that could help you start to discover things on your own before anyone points them out to you. Better yet, before they even impact you, even for the outside world to see.

Wouldn’t it be great to always stay balanced like we call it in my household? Always feel grounded since you know yourself and your conditions so well. You have that Ph.D. you know when it’s time to go to the doctor and say, hey, it’s time to change/up the medication or treatment, etc. You did that the doctor or therapist didn’t come to you first. You went to them and pointed out the changes they didn’t catch because you took the time to learn your body/mind.

That is a fantastic feeling. I love seeing the doctor’s face, especially when they are ready to dismiss my statement until I start making my point with examples of what they have missed. I keep it in my memory journal since I am having neurological issues. I find this rewarding because I am showing that I care about my health, and yes, I may have mental health, but that doesn’t mean that I should get crappy service because of it.

I hope with all of this blabbing I am doing that I have gotten you to see how imperative it is for you to know your mind/body to be the best doctor you can have. That does not mean go out there and self-medicate yourself. That means helping your doctors with the care plan you have in place. You are the only person that will really know what does and doesn’t work for you, so don’t waste any more time.

I hope this helps, and if you want more tips, I have a lot more that have worked to get to know me a lot better, especially these last few months. Just shoot me an email. Have a nice one; my Normee’s and Non-Normee’s make sure to make today count for tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Make today your best day out, shine yesterday, and make tomorrow look short!

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