My Thoughts On My Role In Relationships

Have you ever stopped to wonder if you’re being fair in your relationships? Doesn’t matter if it is with a partner, your child, parents, friends, co-workers, etc. If you haven’t, it’s okay. I won’t fault you. It’s not something everyone does, so you don’t have to feel bad if you are not one of them. But it would be awesome if, moving forward, you took some time every once in a while to evaluate your part in these relationships to make sure that you’re not just receiving but also giving.

I ask this because I stopped not too long ago to think about my relationships and roles. Which led to me thinking about the part I wish I could play. I find myself lately being more and more homesick than before. Which would make sense as to why I would think about the role I play in my relationships. I then really started thinking, was or is the relationship balanced? What am I offering them in return for what they provide me? Am I showing my appreciation (I am not good at this)? These are just a few things that I found myself pondering over.

I never want to feel like I am not receiving what I give or just receiving without providing the same in return. Unfortunately, it’s too late for that statement since I already feel this way about both views; if this wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t be writing this blog. I was doing my morning routine of affirming and manifesting when I got a call to get ready to go get some things done for that person. Okay, let me start multitasking. I can at least get some of my work done, and I won’t have to rush later to complete them.

It is almost four hours later, and I am still waiting on this person after the last FaceTime we had an hour ago. The call was ended with them fully dressed. Keep in mind we were on FaceTime, so I know they are fully dressed and ready to head out the door to come to get me. I know there was a call coming in, but call and let me know if plans have changed out of common courtesy and respect. This way, I know how to rearrange what I had already arranged to accommodate what they wanted to be done just for it to be ignored or underappreciated.

Just for an hour to go by. I mean, I had time from the first call to get ready to record a whole hour and ten-minute podcast episode that I am waiting to upload while I am writing this blog. When I say ready, I even put my makeup on so that I wouldn’t look so pale when I head out this door. I had time to ponder this topic even more just from this scenario. It made me think, have I ever been this inconsiderate of others and their time?

I hope this has not been the case, but I know that I will pay close attention to how I operate in my relationships from this day forward. I want to make sure that those I care about know that I care about them and value their role in my life. For those that may be here just for a season, I will appreciate and learn from that season with no love lost; everyone and everything has its time. It is making sure that I understand and play my role accordingly during that time. I want to be the friend to others I would like them to be in return.

My financial situation affects my ability to go and visit Connecticut. It has been over three and a half years. I am dying to go and spend some time with those relationships that matter and mean the world, no matter how far the distance. I may not stay in touch how I should since I don’t want the madness in my life to overpower whatever happiness they may have, but it doesn’t mean that I care or love any less. I am moving over to give them time to shine bright. I sometimes have a lot going on at once and don’t need that to affect my loved ones and their goals or accomplishments.

A total of five hours later, I headed out to go handle that business. I just got back to writing the final lines for this blog. Waited so long to complete an errand that it took thirty minutes. Go figure the wait time would be longer than the errand itself. Hope you all have a blessed day. Don’t forget to make today count, for tomorrow is not promised to anyone!


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