Small Positive Changes

I have to say that I am proud of myself. The old me would have lost my marbles a while ago with everything going on, especially these rats that have no respect for the rest of us in this room. I am not losing not one marble. Even though it may feel like I am, I still have the same three marbles I’ve always had my entire life, lol. No, but all jokes aside, by now, I would be drowning in my own negative thoughts, trying to find the light so I could see my way out of the tunnel.

This time I am actually calm. I am not allowing the day-to-day stress me out and much less how it used to. I am the one that loses when that occurs, not the situation. I was raised that you take years from your life every time you stress. If this saying has any truth to it, imagine the number of years you have taken from your life at this point, and for what? Since my health is already not at its best, I have that in mind. I need to do my part to stay on the good side of health so that it doesn’t decline.

It is easier and cost less to not give in to the stress coming at me. I mean, stressing over it isn’t going to provide a solution. So I will affirm and manifest to continue down my positive path. This way, I am doing my part to keep my stress level down so that it does not win or even have an opportunity to take over my life. I am writing about it because I genuinely notice a difference two months down the line. I noticed small things here or there, but this big difference I just saw with this month that past.

I noticed that changes need to be made for growth or progress for myself and the kids. Not all of those around us really care if we are doing good or okay. We need to have genuine loved ones who care if we are good or not. This is something else I am working on. We’ve already removed and lost almost everyone, so it isn’t that difficult to keep it moving if need be. I’ve noticed a few things with my new attitude and mind frame. It is always essential to have those who love and support you around to help keep you grounded and strong.

At least I know that what I am doing works. For a second, I started to second guess everything I was doing. Don’t get me wrong, I know that I am a mental health patient, and I will have my days, but I forgot about this for a second and automatically assumed my steps weren’t working. I guess I proved myself wrong, for I just needed to be more patient with myself. I will still have my bad days, but I still work on my process so that it won’t be as bad as it could get. This has made a difference even with those days.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to do affirmations, and if so, what methods have you tried? I am still new at this, but I pick an affirmation a day using the seventeen seconds method, and then I write it in my affirmations journal using the three six nine methods. The seventeen seconds intitles you to raise your vibrations and make sure you are grounded or close (I am always everywhere because of my ADHD). You make sure to pick your affirmation before starting the seventeen-second timer. The theory is that it takes about seventeen seconds to manifest what you want with your affirmation if your vibration is high. You then start the timer and write the affirmation within the time allowed.

If you are not one to write them down, then you have to say it repeatedly for the amount allowed, and you just go about your day after that. I combine that method with the three six nine techniques, which are meant to be robust high vibration numbers. You take your affirmation journal, and during the morning, you write the affirmation three times. In the afternoon, you write them down six times and nine times at the night’s end. I do this routine every day some days, I miss the evening one, but I am always on point with morning and afternoon.

If you try any of these methods, have heard of them, or have any questions shoot me an email: linetteh@lifeasasingleparentwithmentalillness@gmail, com. I would love to hear your stories or see how things are going for you in your journey. Please don’t forget to make today count, for tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone!


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