I Am Not Sure If It’s Depression…

I really am struggling more than I thought I was. every day I tell myself that I need to get working on my content but I have no drive to do so. This is not a good thing not for me when I am using my platforms to hold myself accountable to be in the present. I need to be here so I have to post content if I lose my ability to do so then what else is going to hold me accountable? What else will anchor my feet to the ground? I am treading in dangerous waters and need to find a way to the shallow end. The problem seems to be my sense of direction apparently isn’t working right or something.

I see what is happening but I am finding a hard time seeing a solution to the problem at hand. My normal solutions don’t seem to do the trick or they just don’t hold the same weight that they use to. I probably wore them out lol and my brain learned my trick. Can’t fool myself I see hey it was a good try and it lasted for a little which was better than nothing. I just wish I had a solution now that could get me back on track. I am not liking the way I feel or maybe I am supposed to feel this way all along and since I’ve never known what it’s like to not stress or worry I am taking this new nonfeeling of stress or worry as a bad thing.

I believe while writing this article I just confused myself. Go figure that’s nothing new. This whole time I’ve been looking at this as a bad thing as a depression spell but maybe that has been the problem I have been looking at it all wrong. It could be that I no longer have certain stressors weighing me down as before. I am not used to this and I have been working on my stress level. I have been working on affirming and manifesting the life I deserve, the life of my dreams one of no stress one where I can handle the things that are thrown at me better than I have in the past.

By handling my stress better it would change my daily dynamics my stress level wouldn’t be a constant weight on my shoulders and it would allow me to feel different. This could be what I am going through which is throwing my whole body off since this is something completely new to me. I may have to look into this more and monitor myself more to see which one may be right depression or the second factor.

Either way, I am on the right route because I am still in tune with my body and this is still a good thing I haven’t checked out all of the ways. It is hard not to on the days I feel like I can’t get out of bed or the pain makes it so difficult to get the energy or motivation to do anything much less get any content together. I know it’s important to push through but it’s so much easier said than done. I do know that when I do win and push through I feel so accomplished and proud of myself for not letting anything stop me and my shine.

I hope my Normee’s and Non-Normee’s that you have or had an amazing day and don’t forget to make today count. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone so let us make yesterday jealous. Oh, and I am still in need of six case study volunteers, and out of those six, I will be picking two. It is a free ninety-day coaching program with me. Just one hour a week for ninety days. You are not paying anything but will walk away from a changed person. If interested please shoot an email letting me know why you would like to take this step and what you want to work on. The email is linetteh@lifeasasingleparentwithmentalillness.blog I look forward to hopefully receiving some emails. It is free your not losing anything contrary you’re gaining something no selling just feedback and a testimonial in return that’s all. Thanks in advance for your support!


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