I Completed A Goal, And I am Proud Of Myself

I am incredibly proud of myself and the fact that I am now a certified Life Coach. I am still completing my Health and Life Coach certification with another institute. This one requires me to meet specific requirements with people that are not students of the program. We do complete practices with each other that count, but we have to practice with others that are not enrolled. It is the best way to build your skills and get better at coaching.

As always, there is one major problem. Whenever I am required to need support or assistance from others, for some reason, I cannot get the help I need from others to complete this requirement. This has baffled me my entire life. There isn’t a time growing up that did not involve my grandparents being there to support but anyone else stepping up and having my back was scarce. The three sessions I completed were thanks to the small handful of those I knew would show up and support me. I have another session booked and two who are supposed to rebook, but they haven’t yet.

This leads to me stressing over whether I will have the opportunity to complete these requirements since I am counting on acquaintances, strangers, and my followers to help me achieve these requirements so that I can continue meeting my goals for my certification. It stresses me out that I am paying money that we don’t have for a program that is doing a fantastic job of helping me grow, heal and become a skilled coach, but without the support of the outside world, it may all be in vain.

I am working towards providing for my family without limits. I can sit here and let my situation get the best of me even worse, drag me down even more. Who wins if this happens? Not my family and much less myself. If we want out of this rat-infested motel with roaches and into our own home, which we own, or buy the van we need to transport my wheelchair, then I have to invest in myself to win so that we can have the financial freedom we desire.

I am saying all of this; because I guess to say I need your help to complete my certification hours for my Health and Life Coach certification. Depending on how well the session goes, it will only take 45-60 minutes of your time. Each session is geared to help that unique individual. How and what you show up to the session with would depend on how well the session goes. Who knows, you may walk out with a whole new outlook. The sessions are not only virtual, but they are free.

Help me show you what coaching is all about. Give it a chance. I mean, what is it really going to hurt? Not only will you help me out, but you will also work on yourself during that time. The session is about your goals, wants, or needs and helps you down the right direction to accomplish your desire. Book your opening the relationship conversation with me by clicking here. Keep in mind everything is confidential, and it is a judgment-free zone. Thank you for your time and trust while booking your session.


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