My Annoying Habit

There is this annoying but not annoying habit that I noticed not too long ago that I do whenever I create content, especially when I am writing my blogs. I don’t always know what I want to write about or discuss in my content for my platforms. Sometimes my mental health does not let me focus on what I feel is necessary or relevant enough to become content for one of my platforms. I believe the depression I am going through and the changes I am going through in life seem to be blocking my creative side all across the board.

Let me explain what I mean; when I am ready to write my blog, I never know what the title or content is about 98% of the time. I just start to create the content and let myself go in the moment with whatever I am feeling or is bothering me that I would like to release or use as information for the world. It’s not like the world is all on my content, but for those on it like that, I appreciate your support, which means more than you could know. I lose myself in writing my blog, and after it is all written and ready to be published, I am forced to do the part I struggle with, which is coming up with a title.

Never mind that half of my titles aren’t most likely SEO friendly, which is why the algorithms do not seem to get along with my content. This only adds to my stress and pressure since the algorithms not being in my favor make it hard for me to get my content with the traction I feel it deserves. If I could just post without worrying about this, then I would be such a happy camper, but no, I have to live in the real world and attempt to fit in somehow in a world that I never felt like I really was a part of in the first place.

It isn’t just with my blog, my videos, and even my lives. I never know what to name these, especially since I need to have a title before I can even go live and express myself. Suppose I don’t know where I am going with my content until I start. In that case, this not only adds to the title stress but also to my going live stress, which will be discussed in a completely different blog post. If I don’t let my doubts and insecurities kick in, I may post it soon, lol. I have so much going on trying to find people for my coaching certification that I barely have time to breathe.


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