Needed To Write It Out…

Whenever I try to be consistent with my content, my motivation seems to have no light. This is discouraging, especially when I know I have much to say. Yet I struggle to say anything at all, no matter the platform. I think I am blocking myself from continuing to create meaningful content, and I must say it sucks, poop.

I tell myself that I don’t have time to write down my knowledge, experiences, or thoughts since I am trying to build two businesses, and Don’t get me wrong that is the honest truth I really am. Mind you, I have to create my own coaching program to gear towards my niche, Parenting With Mental Illness, under the umbrella of Life Coach For Parents.

The Two programs I am taking are excellent at getting my credit juices flowing since my confidence in my niche is so high. I spend most of my days and time working on my program while trying to fit in other tasks for my content on all of my platforms.

When I started this journey, I had no clue where I was going with this. I already have a platform where I am exposing my family and self. We do this in hopes of educating others while being a source of support for this in our shoes or supporting others in our shoes. I was like, hey, if I want to advocate, guide, or help others. I want to make sure I am using all of my skills and abilities in doing so. That is how becoming a Health and Life Coach started for me.

I love this journey because I am growing into a strong person. Something I never saw myself as in the past. I feel like I am officially ready to take on the world and come out on top. That is what coaching has and is doing for me. I, too, am walking the same path I plan to walk my clients in. I am living proof that things can get better. That a person can change the negative into the positive. That I am not a product of my environment.

I don’t understand why I am so selfish with this part of my life. I rarely talk about the coaching program or how I am actually doing. I mention some growth here or there. I don’t really touch it or go into details. I think this is the main reason I struggle with content since it plays a significant part in my daily life.

It is time to change that, for this is a significant part of who I am becoming.


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