So hard, So Hard….

Update: This post was written on August 9, 2022, but for some reason, I did not finish it or post it. I am posting it as is, for I am not in this head space at the moment.

Why does it have to be so hard? There are days I’m barely making it mentally. There are days when I feel like it’s time to just check out because the road is not getting any easier. It’s actually getting harder and harder. Some days I write my goodbye letters in my head.

I then tell myself to remind myself to write or type it up. Then the moment passed, and I never sat down to write or type goodbye letters. It’s frustrating to see that people just don’t seem to care about my children or myself.

I’m not sure why since we are so loving and overprotective of those that we love. For some crazy reason, we just get done so wrong, and the road just doesn’t seem to let up for us, not even a little bit. This makes it so hard to stay here. I mean, would you stay if you can’t get any assistance or have no support. Would you stay if those that are supposed to protect and help you let you down?


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