New Journey

I am so happy to start this new journey or a new chapter in our lives. We are finally free from the rats, mice, and roaches. We are no longer in that run-down motel we couldn’t move out of for the year and a half we were there. I was doing what I could with the limits I had stacked against me.

I am finally mentally and physically free from what was stressing me out daily. It is hard to live in your triggers day in and day out. I feel like I dealt with it as best as I could at the time. We have been in the extended stay for two days, and I’ve slept so well, knowing that I no longer have to worry about rats, mice, or roaches.

The location we left should be condemned. It is not a place you want to live and much less have your children live there. I dislike that they have gotten away with so much, especially with how they treat people less than human, as if they were too good to be in the same situation you were or are in that brought you there in the first place.

That is like kicking a person down when they already feel like they are at the end of their ropes. There is no companion or empathy, just straight-up nonsense and a mess that makes no sense. But hey, I am finally free to live and breathe. I couldn’t breathe anymore, being at the old location. I just thank God for allowing us to find a place to move to.

I don’t have to spend my hard-earned money to live with rodents or insects, and we are also free from the black mold that was growing in the room. Hell, we have a toilet that works now and do not have to fill the tank with water anymore since they didn’t even bother to fix the toilet when we asked. Even when I went and paid for our last week, I still didn’t get a toilet that works.

Out with all of that old stress and into a new chapter that will hopefully continue to bring positivity our way since I can think clearly now. I am excited to continue to grow my followers and support on my platforms, along with pushing my coaching business.


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