Trying To Get Back On Track

Hey, hey, my beautiful people. It’s been a while since I wrote a blog. Life has been changing a lot, and I’m just trying to roll with the changes. It has been hard to get on a schedule or routine, especially with no workstation.

We’ve moved twice since we left the horrible motel. I thought I had moved my family to an extended stay just to find out four days before our 28 days of being there that the city deemed them as a motel.

Where we live, you can only stay in a motel for no more than 28 days. We then had to move again, and this time I know we were, for a fact, in an extended stay. I had asked the first location before we even moved if the long-term was okay until we found a place. We were told yes, just to have it switch at the last minute.

The move was hard and took a toll on us but this location only has a kitchen table no desk. I now don’t have a designated work area which has made it hard for me to focus on work. I have to take out and put away my daily needs. Not just that, but I’m working from the bed, and my legs can’t take it, which causes pain in my lower back.

Once I can find a way to get going, I plan to write one blog a week at least. I just have to get my life on track again. Moving really puts my body under tremendous stress.


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