I Never Understood The Big Deal

I’ve never really been a black Friday person. My mother forced meh used to drive me insane since it meant I had to drive anywhere she wanted to go and shop. I couldn’t decide when I wanted to go home, and I didn’t shop. Unless I randomly saw something I felt I could use for my kids, I would get it, but my goal was just to be the driver. I have no patience for people pushing me. It drives me insane, and this is what would usually happen.

The last Black Friday I showed up for was when I was pregnant with my son in 2008. I was 7 months pregnant and had to fight people from knocking me down at a Walmart. This was my final straw, and I know I am easy to flip on people. It was just a whole trigger situation all across the board. I was in the worst mood for almost the rest of the day, especially since I still had to deal with my mother, who had no sympathy for my mental state.

Ever since that situation, I made it known that if I couldn’t get it online, I was not shopping. Too many people used to get crazy for these deals. People were injured at a few Walmarts fighting to get into the store. If I am not mistaken, one year, someone lost their life being trampled by the crowd. I know this sounds crazy, but Black Friday seems dark due to situations like this making it such a dark holiday for shopping.

I am unsure how it is now since they now do early deals, and the option to shop online should make things in the store more manageable for those who choose to go shopping. This, to me, is great for those like me that don’t want to be caught in the mix of the drama the sale brings. Now that I am a Life Coach for Parents, I have Black Friday sales myself. I have a course called “What is your truth?”

My course can help you learn much about how you show up daily and cope with demanding days. If interested, go ahead and catch this sale that will be on until Cyber Monday at 11:59 pm. Use the following link to make your purchase https://coachingwithlinetteh.thinkific.com/. Thank you for your support. Every purchase helps my family financially in many ways.

Hope you all had a fantastic turkey day with your loved ones making memories. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.


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