Amazing Experience

Last night I held a workshop for parents. I introduced myself as a life coach for parents. I explained some of my backstory and how it led me to become a coach. What made this such an amazing workshop was the interaction with the attendees and the fact that I could see my words resonate with those attending. It is amazing to see all the hurt I have been through motivating others in their lives. It makes me feel like my trials and tribulations aren’t in vain. This workshop left me wanting to do another one real soon.

My children did an amazing job at going to bed or staying quiet during the two lives I did: one on Tuesday night with a friend coach of mine, then on Wednesday during another live with the same coach. There was a little hiccup from my little one for my workshop, but we managed to work around it without it being a total distraction. I wish I could show up more since I really love what I do, but living in an extended stay with all of us in one room makes it really hard to show up without any madness attached to it.

I walked away from the workshop, surprised at my ability to overcome the fears I had when I would go live. Going live four times in three days helped me realize that I can retain people’s attention and have them resonate with my story. I am seriously working on my following workshops and the topics I will be covering in my lives. Before, they had a purpose, don’t get me wrong, but now that I am more comfortable and I can see how powerful I am with my way of speaking, it has made me want to take this journey even more seriously than before.

I am ready to get my name and face out there to help as many parents as possible. The best part of doing what I do is seeing the growth others are making while making income for my family. Can’t beat that, no way. I know I forgot to mention my workshop on my blog, but if you want to watch it, then use the link: It can be found on my YouTube channel, Parenting With Mental Illness – Linette.

One more thing before I go. Every Thursday at 1:00 PM est, I go live on Instagram. Feel free to stop by and catch one of my lives. It’s a great time to get any questions answered. You can even email the question to me, and I will cover the answer during the live or my YouTube, maybe even both. You never know who may have the same questions but are afraid to ask.

I want to say thank you for following my blog and thank you to those who actually interact with my content. It means a lot to me, and I don’t take it lightly. My voice was never really heard or mattered in the past, but now it has power behind it, thanks to all of my followers and supporters.


2 thoughts on “Amazing Experience

    1. It was my pleasure and I am glad you enjoyed listening to it. If you ever need any support book a call. Hope you have an amazing weekend!


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