My Recent Workshop

Hey, hey, my beautiful people. I just held a workshop on the 9th of this month, and as always, I forgot to let my readers know beforehand. You never know which of my readers can use the support or the information I have to share. Sorry for not including you, my readers, when I have these workshops. I hope you all forgive me, lol.

This workshop covered some of my story, what I do as a life coach for parents, and some parenting tips I use with my children in my home. In case you are new or not familiar with my story. I am a parent with mental illness raising three children. Two of my children are high-functioning autistic with mental illness. This makes my journey as a parent challenging.

It is challenging to protect my mental health, so I can show up as a positive, productive parent when I am parenting. I also have to ensure that I am watching my children and their mental health. In my household, things can be calm and relaxed, but suddenly, it is switched to a depressed scenario, or suicidalness creeps in when you least expect it, especially while parenting. I always have to be mindful when I parent, or things can get scary quickly.

I wanted to share my workshop with you. If you are interested, you can watch it here I have it on my YouTube channel, Parenting with mental illness – Lin. It wasn’t a long workshop; I made sure to get to the point, and I was somewhat not feeling that great. My anxiety has been a pain in my rear end for some time now. I am still working on getting it under control, but it has been a journey, I must say. I hope you enjoy the workshop and find it informative. Please feel free to share. You never know who it might help.

I know my tips should be evident to parents, but sometimes when you are in it, you’re not thinking of the simple steps to make that parenting experience positive. That’s okay. It happens to many of us. It is called being human. How you proceed moving forward is what matters.


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