My Mental Struggle As A Parent With Mental Illness

I have to say being a parent with mental illness is extremely hard for me. I am trying to keep myself sane while protecting the mental status of my three children, not considering that two of those children are high-functioning autistic with mental health. Throw those monkey wrenches in the mix, and things get harder… Continue reading My Mental Struggle As A Parent With Mental Illness

Needed To Write It Out…

Whenever I try to be consistent with my content, my motivation seems to have no light. This is discouraging, especially when I know I have much to say. Yet I struggle to say anything at all, no matter the platform. I think I am blocking myself from continuing to create meaningful content, and I must… Continue reading Needed To Write It Out…

My Annoying Habit

There is this annoying but not annoying habit that I noticed not too long ago that I do whenever I create content, especially when I am writing my blogs. I don’t always know what I want to write about or discuss in my content for my platforms. Sometimes my mental health does not let me… Continue reading My Annoying Habit

I Completed A Goal, And I am Proud Of Myself

I am incredibly proud of myself and the fact that I am now a certified Life Coach. I am still completing my Health and Life Coach certification with another institute. This one requires me to meet specific requirements with people that are not students of the program. We do complete practices with each other that… Continue reading I Completed A Goal, And I am Proud Of Myself

My Personal Invitation To You

Something you may not know about me is that I struggled with mental health and excepting my truth my entire life. Almost 3 years ago things became too much for me to handle making me suicidal.  Someone suggested I hire a coach. At first, I didn’t believe it would be helpful, but over the course… Continue reading My Personal Invitation To You

I Am A Work In Progress…

The struggle has been real for me in so many ways mentally and emotionally but not how I am accustomed too. I am not sure how to process these new methods I guess I can say. I am used to faking it until I make it or suppressing it until I forgot all about it… Continue reading I Am A Work In Progress…

Small Positive Changes

I have to say that I am proud of myself. The old me would have lost my marbles a while ago with everything going on, especially these rats that have no respect for the rest of us in this room. I am not losing not one marble. Even though it may feel like I am,… Continue reading Small Positive Changes