I Completed A Goal, And I am Proud Of Myself

I am incredibly proud of myself and the fact that I am now a certified Life Coach. I am still completing my Health and Life Coach certification with another institute. This one requires me to meet specific requirements with people that are not students of the program. We do complete practices with each other that… Continue reading I Completed A Goal, And I am Proud Of Myself

Just Brain Dumping…

I still find myself struggling to do the day-to-day of just waking up let alone being productive like creating content or adulting. Especially adulting right now seems to be a big struggle for me and I would like to emphasize the word big. I know the things I should be getting done not just for… Continue reading Just Brain Dumping…

I Am A Work In Progress…

The struggle has been real for me in so many ways mentally and emotionally but not how I am accustomed too. I am not sure how to process these new methods I guess I can say. I am used to faking it until I make it or suppressing it until I forgot all about it… Continue reading I Am A Work In Progress…

I Am Not Sure If It’s Depression…

I really am struggling more than I thought I was. every day I tell myself that I need to get working on my content but I have no drive to do so. This is not a good thing not for me when I am using my platforms to hold myself accountable to be in the… Continue reading I Am Not Sure If It’s Depression…

Small Positive Changes

I have to say that I am proud of myself. The old me would have lost my marbles a while ago with everything going on, especially these rats that have no respect for the rest of us in this room. I am not losing not one marble. Even though it may feel like I am,… Continue reading Small Positive Changes

No Where To Turn!

The clock says 1:34 in the morning and I am sitting wide awake on my bed. The big question is why in the heck am I sitting on my bed at this time. I should be knocked out in dreamland having a blast or so I hope that is where I would be at this… Continue reading No Where To Turn!

Parenting and Triggers… How do you keep your mental illness from parenting in an escalated scenario?

Parenting alone, I heard, can be very hard. I wouldn’t know since I am a parent with mental illness, and I can tell you that it is not an easy task. Half the time, I have to check myself while parenting. You’re probably not wondering what I mean by that if you’re following my blog,… Continue reading Parenting and Triggers… How do you keep your mental illness from parenting in an escalated scenario?


Honestly, I have no title for this because I am not sure what I am going to write about. I just know that my mind told me to pick up my phone and create a blog so here I am. I will be writing whatever comes to mind. With that being said respectfully I do… Continue reading Ugh….

It Doesn’t Matter..

Whenever a person I love throws salt on an old emotional wound it makes me feel so rejected. I dislike that feeling so much. All my life I’ve felt like no one wants to see me happy. The moment I have a smile there is a problem. I mean I thought I deserved some love… Continue reading It Doesn’t Matter..

I Hate This Mental Illness Thing

It is so hard being a mom who has to fight to keep her own mental health together. It is harder while dealing with two children that have their own mental illness going on. Then I have to keep the only one sane. The baby who’s not a baby since she’s 2, happy and normal… Continue reading I Hate This Mental Illness Thing