Does it matter?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why does it matter? I think this is one question I don’t ask myself. Due to my mental health issues, everything pretty much matters to me. No matter how big or small it matters just the same. I’m guessing since with my situation my mind holds on to… Continue reading Does it matter?

I Hate This Mental Illness Thing

It is so hard being a mom who has to fight to keep her own mental health together. It is harder while dealing with two children that have their own mental illness going on. Then I have to keep the only one sane. The baby who’s not a baby since she’s 2, happy and normal… Continue reading I Hate This Mental Illness Thing

What Am I Doing?

I just had to walk my 18-year-old off the mental ledge. It doesn’t get any easier for me when I have to do this. It leaves me mentally, physically, and emotionally drained but that’s the least of my problems. My biggest problem and concern is making sure that I don’t say anything to escalate the… Continue reading What Am I Doing?