Silenced Voice

Ever since I can remember, my voice was always being hushed or quieted down by someone. It is okay for others to express themselves with me in any way they please, but the moment I open my mouth to stand up for myself, it is all of a sudden a big problem. It does not… Continue reading Silenced Voice

When Negative Things Keep Coming Your Way…

As a person working on her affirmations every day for the last thirty days, I can say that this right here is no fun at all. I am affirming to get my mind to release itself from the negative prison it was raised in due to my upbringing with my egg donor. I have worked… Continue reading When Negative Things Keep Coming Your Way…

The Worst Feeling Ever Is…

I tend to wander a lot due to my mental illness and my emotional roller coaster ride that I am always on “what is my worst feeling?” Have you ever once asked yourself this question? Better yet, has this thought ever crossed your mind before you fell upon this blog? I ask this for the… Continue reading The Worst Feeling Ever Is…


Honestly, I have no title for this because I am not sure what I am going to write about. I just know that my mind told me to pick up my phone and create a blog so here I am. I will be writing whatever comes to mind. With that being said respectfully I do… Continue reading Ugh….

It Doesn’t Matter..

Whenever a person I love throws salt on an old emotional wound it makes me feel so rejected. I dislike that feeling so much. All my life I’ve felt like no one wants to see me happy. The moment I have a smile there is a problem. I mean I thought I deserved some love… Continue reading It Doesn’t Matter..

What Am I Doing?

I just had to walk my 18-year-old off the mental ledge. It doesn’t get any easier for me when I have to do this. It leaves me mentally, physically, and emotionally drained but that’s the least of my problems. My biggest problem and concern is making sure that I don’t say anything to escalate the… Continue reading What Am I Doing?

I Took A Huge Leap Of Faith!

I decided to take a huge leap of faith and go with my heart and spirit. I created a YouTube channel for my page. I know your probably thinking huh or, hmm but hear me out first. I think once I explain you may understand why. At least I am hoping that is the case.… Continue reading I Took A Huge Leap Of Faith!